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Easy Hundreds has been replaced by The Guaranteed Income Solution. Use the form on this page to transfer into the new program with the same sponsor if he has registered in TGIS.

The Guaranteed Income Solution is a sales funnel system with five membership levels. Each level above the first has a product download. If you are a standard member here, you can transfer to the gold level at TGIS. You will be able to download the gold level and silver level products.

If you are a Partner here, you can transfer to the elite level at TGIS. You will be able to download the elite, platinum, gold, and silver level products.

The form below will take you to one of our prospect attraction pages. Click there to go to the sign-up page. Complete the form and submit it.

Inside the member center, go to the first page on the menu, "Profile and Member Level". It will show that your position is "Bronze". There's a link lower on that page for Easy Hundreds members. Click it and you will be upgraded to the proper membership level if you registered with the same PayPal email address that you used for Easy Hundreds. If you didn't, write to member support to get the upgrade. Provide your Incomeware affiliate code and your new TGIS affiliate code.

To proceed, enter your affiliate code below and click "Go". If you do not remember it, enter your PayPal email address on the line below that and click "Go".

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